Tero Lähteenmäki

CEO & Designer at Cunga Design

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CEO & designer at Cunga Design


The final touch for which every work, project or service needs. That little spark, which may be very hard to reach or achieve. The spark which then finalizes the outcome in a way that pleases the eye and instincts. Every product has one. As we all, and many others in the business, I also, as a designer and a maker do have my own ways of doing and thinking how the work should be done to reach the best possible result. A passion driven process for the quality. Whether it is a project for creating a product or a service I go through the phases and discuss with customers about all the possible options and varieties for the final product with high respect for their wishes.

Cunga Design as a business was established in 2017. This was done during my studies at the Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland from where I later on graduated as a BA of Cultural Studies in 2018. During the designer studies I was especially fascinated by the woodworking and both the challenges and possibilities it could offer, and the ways of how you actually can combine design and creativity in the woodworking process.

Every project requires different tools and different kind of approach. And as there is a limit for your own skills and machines owned, the expertise and the knowledge of the collaboration network such as subcontractors, partners, colleagues is to be used if necessary. One of the Cunga Design values is setting the bar high on overall quality - always. This includes also the subcontracting for which I'm very strict on. As the high quality of the final product or service benefits all parties I expect nothing but the best from all doers who are included. It's the way to build the greatness - the strength is with the doers.


I want to be proud of my doings and work and more importantly, I want the customer to be happy with the outcome. Setting a goal and getting there is a sum of many variables such as love and passion for design, professionalism, personal approach and of course using the best quality of materials.