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Crafting and creating things in all of its forms has been close to my heart since the youth. Crafting from wood is always equally fascinating and it has been like this for many years. Somewhere on the path of life one might just forget what truly is his passion and where he finds the happiness and joy.

For me, it's the creative work, crafting, visualizing and doing by hands. Putting your mind into work, using your imagination and getting that certain flow going is somewhat crucial when you get to start from the scratch. Also being open and positive to all things around you makes it easier to get ideas popping and then daring to iterate them with your work.

Here are some of my works and crafts with wood and painting. By going out from your comfort zones might scare you at first, but with courage and daring to try you'll learn new things - not only about the work but also about yourself. That is what we should never stop doing.