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A commissioned project which was truly challenging but rewarded in the end by the things I learned during the process. It looks easy and simple but also here, there's lots of different phases to complete before you can get to say it is ready.

Started with discussing with customer about the idea and what their desires and expectations were on the outcome. These kind of paper drawing drafts are very helpful to get to start with when we start from the scratch.

Construct was made with the help of CNC machinery as the diameter needed to be exact. As we know wood is a living material it did and will always bring challenge to every project and must be take in to account from the beginning of a project.

There was plenty of ideas popping out during the process for the outcome but the truth is you have to know where to draw the line.

Keeping it simple, and still finding the right solution for the situation.

The white tops work nicely with the antique oak finishing. What do you think? :)