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RIME Stool

design by Tero Lähteenmäki

€ 529,00

VAT incl. where applicable

Manufactured from high quality and massive birch plywood and strengthened with carefully crafted and finished steel parts makes RIME not only strong and solid but also modern and versatile. Beside the simple structure RIME’s true beauty and sophisticated essence comes out in the details which makes the design. Some may say it has this certain mystical vibe, others like the Scandinavian character it glows. Overall it is a furniture which fits greatly both in public spaces and home. Dimensions: 560 mm x 430 mm x 300 mm (width, height, length).

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RIME stool is currently available in three finishing treatments:

RIME Original

Treated with transparent varnish which respects the birch veneer pattern and gives the stool beautiful  traditional look and essence.

RIME White

Treated with white varnish. Beautiful and eye-catching color. White color gives RIME a certain serenity and essential glamorous look.

RIME Black

Treated with black varnish. A demanding color but also highly rewarding. Black brings out the true charisma and certain mysticism in RIME.

About ordering RIME?

RIME stool is manufactured by order only.

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