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The simplicity and elegance of the solution.

RIME stool is based on and inspired by traditional Japanese bath stool - item which is all about the simplicity and pure elegance of its form and function.

Design is kept as simple as possible and the outlook is included with contemporary form language. RIME is designed with a construct which makes it not only firm and solid giving it a massive kind of appearance, but also brings out durability aspect - RIME stool is probably the strongest stool ever designed.

RIME combines simplicity and modularity and by this feature it is possible to have it also in bench size. As being manufactured only from high quality and massive birch plywood, strengthened with carefully crafted and finished stainless steel parts makes RIME sustainable and long lasting even for generations.

The true beauty and its intriguing sophisticated essence of RIME comes out in the details that make the design. Shapes, grains, veneering, coloring - it all comes in one entity.
​Some have said RIME is fascinating piece of art for its mysterious appearance and feeling. Some have been charmed by its clear and strong Scandinavian character. Everyone sees it differently - which makes it also as unique, as you.

RIME is a Finnish design with a strong built-in Scandinavian character and a tinge of a Japanese spirit. It was designed to be used both in public places and interiors and home environment.​​



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