Greatness in Strength

The Simplicity and Elegance of the Solution

In RIME furniture combines modularity and simplicity. Manufactured from high quality and massive birch plywood and strengthened with carefully crafted and finished steel parts makes RIME not only strong and solid but also modern
and versatile. Beside the simple structure RIME’s true beauty and sophisticated essence comes out in the details which make the design.

Some may say it has this certain mystical vibe and feeling, others like the Scandinavian character it glows. Overall it is a furniture which fits greatly both in public spaces and home. RIME was inspired by a Japanese bath stool and an idea of creating strong and durable furniture for both public and home environment. Clear form language with the details tells about the beauty of the simplicity. The fine structure and combination of materials speaks about the elegance of the solution. RIME is designed to last so you can enjoy having and using it for a long time.


Should you have any questions or requests for custom built RIME do not hesitate to contact me directly. I will happily answer your questions.

RIME is a Finnish design and made in Finland.

Inquiries on ordering, quotes or collaboration and product prices, please contact directly to cungadesign (at)

Latest catalog for RIME series is now available in PDF format.

You can download it by clicking the icon.


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