About Cunga Design

Personalized Approach

That's what Cunga Design is all about. Bringing that little spark of personalization into the work by respecting of course the customer's wishes and desires. As a designer and creator I do business directly with customers, aiming always for the best possible outcome. I hate to bring it up but as we cannot achieve perfection I do settle with excellence.

Still at the early stages of doing business but daring and eager, was established in 2017 as an artistic name for my design projects and work. I also have a long and extensive background in ICT business but eventually creativity and art took it all. I finished Designer studies as a BA of Cultural Studies in 2017 at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Fascinated by the woodworking and both the challenges and possibilities it could offer.

Excellence and Professionalism

With tools and skills owned, expertise and knowledge of the cooperation network and sincere help and production possibilities of the subcontractors Cunga Design sets the bar on quality of service always as high as possible. Every designer and artist find their own way or style of doing. Listening to customer, getting into the subject and planning the upcoming project and the solution by making creative suggestions is a big part of my way of doing. Willing to take the true pride of your work and results. The enthusiasm and love on finding the right solution for every situation and challenging yourself. When the goal is set the outcome will be done with 100% till the end.

 High quality in Materials 

When starting a project it will be planned only with the high quality materials in mind. The higher costs in materials pays back in the desired quality of the work and in the final product or solution itself. Right and qualified sources of materials or services and choosing the right ones depending on the project is one of the most important steps. When planning and thinking about the construct of the final product, simplicity is to be kept in mind. The details make the design, not to forget the high quality on materials which do make the overall product long-lasting and sustainable.